AirTumTec Long-Lasting Self Disinfecting Wipes Handy Pack

AirTumTec Long-Lasting Self Disinfecting Wipes Handy Pack

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AirTumTec Long-Lasting Self Disinfecting Wipes Handy Pack (40 Sheets)

Airtumtec Long-lasting Self-disinfecting Wipes combines the same revolutionary long-lasting protection with the convenience of handy wipes for all types of surfaces, at home or the office.

One wipe immediately protects the surfaces against 99.99% of Coronaviruses, HFMD, E-coli, Salmonella and more for up to 7 days. Airtumtec is certified food safe (FDA standards), non-toxic, child-safe, non-allergenic and safe for skin contact.
Use AirTumTec wipes to disinfect and protect your phone, laptop, kids toys, kids accessories, eating utensils, and any other surfaces.
Protect yourself and your loved ones today with our handy and long-lasting disinfecting wipes.

Can be applied on:-
1. Utensils
2. Mobile Phones
3. Laptops
4. Toys
5. Kids accessories and other personal belongings

1. Protect against 99.9% germs
2. Certified Durability
3. High Capacity
4. Works on any surface
5. Alcohol Free and Safe for Children