Kith's iconic yellow and black logo boldly represents the forward motion that the company is striving towards. There are 18 black and 18 yellow spaces. '18' is a symbolic number in many, especially Chinese culture, meaning you will 'definitely prosper!' The octagonal shape inscribed in the logo represents balance in Fengshui. With 8 sides, each side represents a different aspect of Kith that we strive to be the best at, such as maintaining harmony between growing the business and staying true to our roots by serving our customers from the heart.


Acquaintances, friends, neighbours or the like; persons living in the same general locality and form a more or less cohesive group. A group of people living in the same area forming a culture with a common language, customs, economy, etc., usually endogamous. Named for our philosophy and intimate atmosphere, Kith is where good coffee and delicious fuss-free dishes rally in a compelling invitation, serving up simple, honest fare from the heart. Kith is for those who enjoy the unbeatable combination of good coffee, food and company anywhere in the world.


Kith was established in 2009 as one of the forerunners in the café scene with a small shop by the river at Robertson Quay. Fast forward to this day, Kith has expanded with 10 outlets across Singapore. Kith continues to hold its own in the thriving café community by continually taking its offerings to the next level with a menu that now includes a wide array of full dining options.

Kith’s all-day dining options acquired a keen following of customers including coffee-lovers and food aficionados, building a strong community of friends and families who enjoy the unbeatable combination of good coffee, food and company.


Our food menu consists of original recipes conceptualised by our own chefs, drawing upon their years of experience to come up with a selection of dishes that make use of the freshest ingredients for simple, hearty and wholly satisfying fare. With an in-house pastry kitchen and pizza bar, customers can look forward to a constantly-rotating menu of breads and pastries, along with daily crafted sandwich specials and pastas.


Designed to be sweet, heavy and rich, the Kith Blend is our unique selection of specialty beans from various renowned coffee regions. We rotate the blend origins from time to time as part of an ongoing fine-tuning process to achieve sustained consistency in the taste profile of our coffee. The resulting cuppa will always be smooth and thick-bodied with underlying tones of dark fruits and cocoa that finishes with an intense, lingering aftertaste.


While Kith remains a mainstay for good coffee and simple, hearty and wholly satisfying fare, we are more than a restaurant to have meal with family and friends. Kith provides a customised environment for the community, from corporate meetings to fun events. By hosting events to bring people together, they are exposed to the complete Kith experience.


Kith is built strongly upon it founding values of sincerity, originality and passion. At Kith, every member of the family believes in embodying and upholding the values which are our driving force. As we continue to build new communities of Kith lovers worldwide, we strive to preserve the quintessential Kith spirit while strengthening key offerings for an elevated Kith experience. Through a corporate rebranding project carried out by GNU Pte Ltd, we have made various enhancements to our offerings while upholding founding values of sincerity, originality and passion. Find out more about Kith’s corporate rebranding efforts by our appointed brand consultant GNU Pte Ltd.