AirTumTec 120 days Self-Disinfecting Antimicrobial Spray 50ml

AirTumTec 120 days Self-Disinfecting Antimicrobial Spray 50ml

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The essential pocket-sized sleek travel partner!

As a Class A coating, this technology has been certified in accordance with international standards and demonstrated the efficacy of more than 99% against pathogens, with immediate killing upon contact for 120 days with daily usage.

Can be applied on:-

1. Exterior surface of face masks

2. Mobile Phones

3. Laptops

4. Wallets

5. Bags and other personal belongings

6. Door handles/doorknobs

7. Light switches

8. Dinning tables

9. Car steering wheel 



1. Protect against 99.9% germs. Certified Durability

3. Pocket-sized Protection4. Works on any surface5. Alcohol-Free and Safe for Children

6. No hazardous resonance (reso-charge) leaching, non-cytotoxic

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