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Lab-tested in Singapore and certified to eliminate up to 99.99% of pathogens

Proven track record with reputable clientele from various industries

Military-grade Binder & Bonding Technology for long-lasting effectiveness

Food-grade, non-toxic, noncorrosive and alcohol-free (child-friendly)

Sustainable and eco-friendly, resulting in a zero carbon footprint.

General Daily Use

Effective for 120 days against pathogens
such as Coronavirus, HFMD & E.Coli

First Antimicrobial Gloves in Singapore

These gloves are offered in S, M, and L sizes for all ages. Simply put them on and worry no more about holding railings on public transport or handling produce when shopping.

Self-disinfecting sprays are available in 50ml and can be used on all surfaces – at home, at work and overseas.


1. When should I wear the gloves?
Anytime, anywhere. We recommend the gloves for general daily use.

2. Can I wear the gloves to eat?
Yes, the ingredients used in AirTumTec Technology are food grade.

3. How do I dispose the gloves?
In the bin. As our gloves are self disinfecting, there’s no worry about cross contamination if you were to touch the outside of the gloves while taking it off.

4. How do I store the gloves?
Simply keep the gloves in their packet until you're ready to wear them out. Keep in a dry place. If you plan on reusing it, make sure your hands are clean.

5. Can I wash my hands while wearing the gloves?
Yes, we recommend it especially after going to the washroom. 

6. How do I wear the gloves?
Wash your hands with soap and water and dry them before wearing the gloves.

7.How long does it take for the gloves to deactivate and disinfect any new germs?
Deactivation of any new germs starts immediately upon direct contact. AirTumTec Technology has been certified in accordance to international standards and demonstrated an efficacy of more than 99% against pathogens, with immediate killing upon contact for 120 days with daily usage.


1. What surfaces can I spray on?
AirTumTec is an all-in-one antibacterial spray that works on any surfaces such as fabric, glass, wood etc, according to the instructions on the label.

2. Can I spray my hands / pet?
AirTumTec Surface Protection spray is meant as a spray-on disinfectant coating for surfaces. While it is certified safe and non-allergenic for skin contact, it is not recommended to be directed coated or used as a hand sanitiser onto hands nor animal fur/skin.
3. How do I store the spray?
Keep bottle upright in a cool and well-ventilated area of 10 - 35 degrees Celcius

4. Can I bring the spray on a plane?
Yes! The bottles are 50ml and non pressurised, making it travel friendly.

5. What makes AirTumTec coating stand out from brands like Dettol/Lifebuoy?
It serves with long durability and protection of up to 120 days. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe for child use.